social-media-bannerSocial Media Networks are very popular and paly a big part of your business over all web presence, so businesses are in need to create social profiles expose their brand and also have more interaction with their followers.

But be aware not all Social Media Networks can benefit your business, this is not necessary harmful, but you probably are wasting time and efforts into a Social Media Network that is not helping your business growth, or is engaging the wrong audience…

Here is a quick description and best practices of the most popular ones and a suggestion of which industries can benefit from it.


  • 1 billion active users around the world
  • Good for communicating with consumers in a non-obtrusive way
  • Great for all types of business, the key is to share your expertise and engage your followers with original content that is related to your trade.


  • Over 500 million active users.
  • Micro blogging social site limit your post characters to 140.
  • The use of hashtags “#” is must, other wise your post will be almost invisible unless you have thousands of followers.
  • Good for businesses that need to get the a lot of messages out fast and effective, great for sharing links.

Google Plus

  • Google share on social network with over 400 million active users.
  • The level of engagement is similar to Facebook, so is great for sharing original content and interact with consumers.
  • Since is a Google product, your post or content if is done correctly can give you a lot of more web exposure.
  • Great for business with Google local listings, and YouTube channels you can link/relate your g+ account with them.


  • Going strong with over 150 million active users
  • This is a social sharing site for images and short 15 seconds videos (with nice effects)
  • The use of  hashtags “#” is a must too, that way for other users to see your cool images/videos.
  • Since you are sharing images and videos be aware of what you are putting out there, don’t over do it, like taking a random picture every 5 minutes or of the 3 meals you have that day.
  • Good for companies where design is a big part the core of the business and inspiration is necessary.


  • Over 70 million active users
  • Is based on create virtual boards where you add either original images or images around the web that you like
  • Over 60% of the users are women
  • Most of the businesses are on décor, recipes, fashion and special events, great to showcase products.


  • Business oriented over 240 millions active users.
  • Good for corporate brands and professional that want to have a virtual resume.
  • Network of professionals
  • 75% of users are over 35 years of age.
  • Great for sharing content related to your profession or trade.

Across the boars the use of hashtags “#” is key, keep them short, related to your content and use them right. for more info on how to hashtag click here