Today people are using they mobile devices to surf the web more than ever. As a Web Developer, my job is to keep up with this development challenges.

There are two main options to choose from to overcome this challenge we can either develop a responsive design or a mobile design.
What is difference between these two options? Often my clients don’t know, so here is a quick list comparing both:


Responsive Design

  • The same as your desktop website, but the content is shifts depending on the screen resolution of you’re the screen
  • Since is the same layout, the domain and sitemap stay the same.
  • Easy to maintain and is more likely to stay current with browsers
  • Based on screen resolution


Mobile Design

  • Is basically a copy of your website optimized for smaller screens with easy to use menus and buttons.
  • Uses a different domain, the user is sent to another domain to view the mobile version for example
  • Required some more maintenance to keep up with browsers updates and changes.
  • Based on browser type

In conclusion, responsive design is trending right now!!! But this does not mean is the best option for all websites both options are good, but make sure that you as a website owner fully understand what is best for you. For more information about this matter please feel free to contact us.