Understanding Social Media for Your Business

Understanding Social Media for Your Business

Social Media Networks are very popular and play a big part of your business over all web presence, so businesses are in need to create social profiles expose their brand and also have more interaction with their followers. But be aware not all Social Media Networks can benefit your business, this is not necessary harmful, […]


Responsive Design vs Mobile Site

Today people are using they mobile devices to surf the web more than ever. As a Web Developer, my job is to keep up with this development challenges. There are two main options to choose from to overcome this challenge we can either develop a responsive design or a mobile design. What is difference between […]

Word Press Websites Under Attack

How to Protect Word Press Websites From Brute Force Attacks

In case you did not notice; for the last few weeks all Word Press websites are having a Brute Force Attack, no website it’s safe. Here are some tips to help secure your site: The most important BACK UP!!! the database and web files specially your theme (if you don’t know how to do this […]

Google Analytics - Visitor Flow

Website Visitors Flow

Knowing the visitor flow on your website, help you identify what pages are viewing the most after they land on your website. Being aware of this flow can really help you improve your website. For example if your visitors click one the services and/or products page make sure that this page it’s its easy to […]


Knowing Your Hosting and Domain Name Information

Ask your web developer/designer where is your website hosted and your domain name registered. If you did not registered your domain, or get a hosting company for your website, you as a client still need to know this information. Information you should know: Where your domain name was registered? e.g. 1and1, GoDaddy, Registered.com,etc. Note: Your […]